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Thanks to everyone who came and talked to us at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. It was a great day by all accounts. 

Events like this remind me of why we do what we do. The venues ideal location in the middle of Bristol city centre meant the fair attracted people in off the street, interested in what was going on. The organisers did a great job in making the venue look inviting and colorful. It was invigorating to hear debates and discussion start between long time anarchists and people who had come to find out what the fuss was about as well has plots and plans being hatched. It seemed people from all walks of life attended and I felt proud that together we could pull of such a large event with such great success. 

Thanks to everyone involved especially, the nice people we met, the organizers and the kitchen who provided some of the best vegan food I had ever eaten for hundreds of people! 

Till next year!

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | September 14th | Comments off

Last Hours will be tabling at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair:

12 September 2009 – 10.30am to 6.00pm
at The Island, Silver St/Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2PY

(wheelchair accessible – main hall and ground floor)

The 2009 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair takes place amidst the worst worldwide economic recession, and crisis of capitalism, for 80 years. It is no surprise then that this years bookfair is loosely themed around Resistance and Alternatives to Recession. We live in dark and worrying times, but they are also times of hope as people question the viciousness, stupidity, inherent greed and unsustainability of a socio-economic model based on exploitation, profit and control…


We will have a selection of radical literature on offer, zines, books etc and of course back issues of Last Hours and maybe some vegan cake. Come visit our stall and say hi!

For more information on the bookfair check out

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | September 1st | Comments off

Hopefully you’ve noticed, but we’ve relaunched our homepage, and added a couple of new sections. The blogs, which you’re reading now, will give a space for people involved with Last Hours – as well as Last Hours itself – to make regular updates about the projects they’re involved with. We’ve launched with only three blogs, but there are more on their way.

The new homepage should give a better idea of all the amazing content that’s going on the site. Our old homepage had a bad habit of making the ‘news’ much too prominent, when at the end of the day Last Hours isn’t really a news service. Hopefully the features, interviews, DIY guides and photos will get a bit more attention now that they have more breathing space.

There’s more Last Hours’ developments in the pipeline for the rest of this year; not least the Excessive Force anthology, the Morgenmuffel anthology and finally Last Hours issue 18. You’ll be able to read about them all here over the coming weeks and months!

anon | Blogs, Last Hours blog | August 28th | 1 comment


Good news! Last Hours has migrated from Punkyhosting across to Positive Internet. It doesn’t sound very interesting we know, but it means that we shouldn’t have an event like May, where the site was down for the whole month! It should also mean faster load times for people visiting the site. Stay tuned for the changing face of the site that should be launching this coming week.

anon | Blogs, Last Hours blog | August 8th | Comments off


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