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The good people involved in the Cowley Club (Brighton’s volunteer run social center) have organised a set of talks by various radical writers. The collective that runs the bookshop in the Cowley Club have announced a set of talks by authors such as John Zerzan and John Barker, taking place throughout January and February. All events run from 16.00 to 18.30 and are free to members and guests.

Friday 8 January

Clive Bloom (Violent London) talks about his research into Edwardian anarchism.

Clive Bloom is Professor Emeritus of English and American Studies at Middlesex University. He has written many books on popular culture, cultural history and literary criticism, regularly appears on radio and television and contributes to a number of national newspapers. His next book, entitled Gothic Histories will be published in April 2010.

Wednesday 13 January

Stevphen Shukaitis (Constituent Imagination) and Jack Z. Bratich (Conspiracy Panics) have a discussion entitled An Affective Weather Report

Event flyer (3.4 MB pdf) –

Stevphen Shukaitis is an editor at Autonomedia and lecturer at the University of Essex. He is the author of Imaginal Machines: Autonomy & Self-Organization in the Revolutions of Everyday Life (Autonomedia, 2009) and editor with Erika Biddle and David Graeber of Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization (AK Press, 2007). His research focuses on the emergence of collective imagination in social movements and the changing compositions of cultural and artistic labor.

Jack Z. Bratich is Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University. He is also a zine librarian at ABC No Rio in New York City. Jack uses critical cultural studies to analyze the politics of popular culture. He studies media culture as an intersection of power, knowledge, and subjectivity. He is co-editor, along with Jeremy Packer and Cameron McCarthy, of Foucault, Cultural Studies and Governmentality (SUNY 2003).

Sunday 17 January

John Zerzan (Elements of Refusal) talks on The roots of the crisis and the need for a new paradigm.

American philosopher John Zerzan’s thesis is simple: civilization is pathological, and needs to be dismantled. Zerzan’s radical critique of civilization, laid out in books such as Elements Of Refusal (1988), Future Primitive (1994), and Running On Emptiness (2002) draws on anthropological research to argue that domestication of nature and domestication of humans go hand in hand. And this is accomplished primarily through technology.
This is the first appearance by John Z in the UK since 2003. A one-off event.

Thursday 4 February

John Barker (Bending the Bars) talks about his experiences of the Angry Brigade.

Between 1970 and 1972 the Angry Brigade, strongly influenced by anarchism and the Situationists, launched a bombing campaign which targeted banks, embassies and the homes of Tory MPs. In total, 25 bombings were attributed to them by the police. The damage done by the bombings was mostly limited to property damage although one person was slightly injured. A group of anarchists from North East London, the ‘Stoke Newington Eight’, were prosecuted for carrying out bombings as the Angry Brigade in one of the longest criminal trials of English history (it lasted from 30 May to 6 December 1972).
John Barker was one of those imprisoned. John went to prison in 1971, and stayed there for seven long years. Bending The Bars is a collection of stories written then, and published together for the first time in 2007. This evening John will be discussing his experience of imprisonment, and answering questions on the Brigade’s outlook and actions.

Book review by Stewart Home –

Cowley Books
12 London Road

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If you want to buy that rebel in your life a copy of Excessive Force of Diary of a Miscreant through Last Hours you’ll need to order by midday this Friday 18th August in time for Royal Mail to get it to you before Christmas. Go visit the Last Hours shop to place your order!

If you don’t want to order it online, you can always get it in the real world. A brief selection of shops where it’s available are:


56a, Elephant and Castle
All Ages Records, Camden
Bookmarks, Bloomsbury
Freedom Bookshops, Whitechapel
Gosh comics, Great Russel Street
Housmans books, Kings Cross
Megacity Comics, Camden


Cowley Club
Dave’s comics
Punker Bunker


Kebele Social centre, Bristol
Travelling Man, Newcastle
News from nowhere, Liverpool
Krackers, Taunton

You can also order them through any local bookshop using the ISBNs from the books, or if you really must you can order them from Amazon.

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It’s short notice, but some Londoners are putting on a benefit event in solidarity for people recently arrested at the Resalto social centre in Greece.

The antiauthoritarian centre Resalto in Athens was raided by the police on the evening of December 5th, as part of the ‘preventive’ strategy of the Greek state to repress any form of social and political action, a year after the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos by the Greek police. In response, the Town Hall of Keratsini was occupied by comrades, and was later raided as well.

22 comrades where arrested during the brutal break-in of the Resalto centre and were charged under the anti-terrorist law. Another 42 people were later arrested in the Town Hall. The court imposed very strict bail conditions, which included very high amounts of bail-money. For the 22 people arrested from the Resalto social centre the bail money amounts to 51.000 euros.


The benefit will be a relaxed affair of Greek food, drinks, music, projections …and discussions

and is being held on:
Wednesday, 16th December from 6.30pm
The ‘Morgue’
122 Dalston Lane
London, E8

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xmastree-imageJust a quick note to say orders from the Last Hours shop wanted in time for Christmas should be made no later than December 4th. Not only do we not want your order to get lost in the Christmas rush but some of the Last Hours collective are spending time on other projects in the weeks leading up to the new year.

We will continue to send out orders of Excessive Force and Diary of a Miscreant until December 18th but to guarantee you will have some other radical literature under the Christmas tree from our shop make sure you order before December 2nd.

You can keep up to date with when orders go out via the Last Hours twitter

May your Decembers be warmed by love and rage. May the winters discontent leave cracks from which new shoots will grow come spring.

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Two people, Carrie Feldman and Scott DeMuth have been jailed for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury in Iowa, USA. The two were found to be in contempt of court this Tuesday. Both will be held until they agree to testify or for the duration of the grand jury (another 11 months). By law the longest they could be held is 18 months.

The subject of the grand jury investigation is not made public however supporters of Carrie and Scott believe that it is likely related to an unsolved Animal Liberation Front action in 2004 at the University of Iowa. Though Carrie was only 15 and the time and Scott 17. Both deny involvement in the ALF action. However both have been active in their local communities especially in supporting political prisoners. “Carrie, Scott, and their communities feel that this support work has now made them targets”

Carrie received the subpoena to testify in front of the grand jury in mid October.

During the proceedings prosecutor Cliff Cronk offered immunity against their statements being used in criminal proceedings against them. However this type of immunity removes the ability to exercise fifth amendment rights.

The two continued to decline to testify. Cronk then asked they be held in civil contempt.

Before the hearing Scott DeMuth spoke to supporters “This decision about whether we cooperate or resist is the one thing that we as individuals have control over in this process. When we as individuals, with the strength of our communities choose to resist, we disempower this tactic.”

During the proceedings Cronk made the ludicrous suggestion that a photograph of Carrie wearing a T-shirt with the letter ‘L F’ was evidence of ‘membership in either the Earth or Animal Liberation Front.

We can be threatened, coerced, and jailed. However, no punishment could be worse than surrendering our values.

In the US, grand juries have been used to coerce people into providing information about themselves and their communities. No judge or defense attorneys are aloud to be present, and neither Constitutional rights nor conventional evidence-gathering protocol apply. A new website aiming to combat the use of grand juries as state repression in the US has been set up at

Donations for legal fees are required and an address for letters of support will appear soon on

Both Carrie and Scott released statements before entering the courthouse.

Carrie’s statement

Today I have my second appearance before a federal grand jury that is investigating animal rights actions that occurred at the University of Iowa in 2004. Last month, after being subpoenaed in Minneapolis with one day’s notice, I appeared before this grand jury and plead my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Today, that right will be sidestepped with technical legal “protections” that have little or no substantive value. I will once again be put in front of a grand jury with no lawyer present in the room, and once again they will attempt to coerce me to testify.

The prosecutor has filed to grant me immunity. I do not need immunity from prosecution for a crime that I was not involved in and have no relation to. This will not change my decision to refuse to cooperate with the grand jury. I stand here today in solidarity with everyone who has stood up to resist the exploitation of the environment and animals, the repression of the state, and the abuses of the justice system.

Once again they will attempt to coerce me to testify

In anticipation of my refusal to cooperate, the court has scheduled a contempt hearing for today at ten o’clock. And they’re right. I do feel contempt for a justice system that prosecutes people for property damage that is done in defense of life, while real violence is committed at the hands of vivisectors, the police, and the military on a daily basis. I feel contempt for the federal agents that would use these prosecutions as a pretext to investigate above ground movements and activists like me, with no apparent grounds other than my political beliefs and legal activities. I will not help them to do this, and I will not let them violate my rights and privacy.

Today, I may be taken to jail for up to eleven months, solely for taking a moral stand against an institution that I believe to be corrupt and obsolete. I have not been accused of any crime. So let me ask you this, Clifford Cronk. Is it worth it to you? Is it worth it to you when my friend’s eight year old sobs, wondering if her mother could be going to jail next? Is it worth it, Tom Reinwart? Is it worth it to you when my elderly grandma is without a caretaker? Is this what you work for, Melissa Hendrickson? Is it worth it to tear an innocent 20-year-old woman away from everyone that she loves and cares for? Is this justice?

Thank you for your support.

Scott’s statement

Hau Mitakuyapi. Cante wasteya nape ciyuzapi do. Iyuskinyan waciyankapi do. Dakota ia Hepan emakiyapi do. Wasicu ia Scott DeMuth emakiyapi do. Damakota do. Oyate mitawa kin hena Bdewakantunwan ewicakiyapi do. Bdote heciya tanhan wahi do. Wanna nina cante mawaste do.

Hello all my relatives. With a good heart, I greet you all with a handshake. It is good to see all of you here today. My name is Scott. My place name is Dakota is Hepan. I am from Bdote, the confluence of the Mnisota and Mississippi Rivers, where the creation of the Bdewakantunwan took place.

Before anything else, I wanted to address you all in the Dakota language. State repression isn’t anything new to this country, or even to this city. One hundred and forty-six years ago, only a few miles from this courthouse, over 300 Dakota prisoners of war were held in a concentration camp. Over a third of them died in their captivity. Whatever happens to me today, whatever I face, it will be easy in light of the hardships those men faced. Right now, my heart is really good. I am glad to see so many people from so many of the communities I am a part of here to support me today. Being part of a community means we help each other. We support each other. We strengthen each other. And sometimes, we must make sacrifices for each other.

Grand juries started as an important part of our justice system to prevent over-reaching prosecuting powers. However, this process has been used historically against political movements. In the context of this history, most recently in the Green Scare, when investigative techniques of law enforcement have been halted by the silence of political movements, grand juries have been used as a tactic to intimidate our communities and as an attempt to coerce testimony from movement members. This is an abuse of a constitutionally mandated process by using it as an investigative tool rather than its intended purpose.


Grand juries can be very disempowering for us all, and especially for those targeted by them. We face questioning without legal counsel present or a right to remain silent. We can be threatened, coerced, and jailed. However, no punishment could be worse than surrendering our values. And this decision, whether we cooperate or resist, is the one thing we, as individuals, have control of in this process. Luckily, this is the choice that allows these grand juries to succeed or to fail.

Our willingness to cooperate and to be complacent, our willingness to be intimidated and to be scared, not only serves to legitimize these proceedings, but it also empowers the tactics of state repression.
However, when we as individuals, with the strength and backing of our communities, are no longer afraid of their punishment, choose to resist this process and refuse to cooperate, we dis-empower this tactic and give strength to our communities. We return the strength that is given to us.

So thank you all for giving me that strength. And I only hope to give back as much as has been given to me.

You can see a video of the statements here

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It’s that time of year again, and the London Anarchist bookfair is upon us. We’ll be there with our new books, Excessive Force and Diary of a Miscreant, and other highlights from the online shop. It’s well worth coming along with a whole load of good things happening. A press release from the anarchist bookfair reads:

2009 London Anarchist Bookfair
Queen Mary College, Mile End, London E1 4NS
Saturday 24 October 2009. 10 am – 7 pm

Thousands of anarchists and revolutionaries will come to this year’s bookfair to meet, plan and plot.

There will be dozens of stalls and meetings setting out anti-authoritarian ideas – about the past the present and the future –as well as film and cabaret. The stalls show the breadth of the anarchist movement, with workers struggles, community groups, national networks, anarcho-feminist groups all represented. You’ll find small presses and zines as well as the established anarchist publishers. If you can’t find it here it’s probably not very anarchist.

Meeting highlights include author and broadcaster Paul Mason, John Holloway and William Dixon discussing capitalisms’ crisis, Ian Bone and Martin Wright rabble rousing, and speakers from South Africa, Israel, France and Greece bringing news of repression and resistance.

Amongst the films Stuart Christie will be introducing Living on your feet: The Struggles of Cipriano Mera, a new documentary about a Spanish anarchist fighter, and Aki Nawaz will present To Gaza With Love, about breaking the siege of Gaza from the sea.

This isn’t just for anarchists – it’s for anyone who thinks we can do better than the fools who try to rule us.

You can find more info at We’ll see you there!

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Whilst we get close to publishing the first (and second) Last Hours books, our much more experienced comrades at AK press have just repressed the vegan cookbook ‘Another Dinner is Possible!’. The book was co-authored by a members of the Last Hours collective and Brighton’s Anarchist Teapot. As well as this the cover art was illustrated by Hey Monkey Riot also of Last Hours notoriety.

The second edition has new cover art and more recipes as well as the original articles ranging from vegan parenting and Western nutrition to reducing waste, eating seasonally, growing-your-own, brewing-your-own, and cooking on a large scale.

We hope to get a couple of boxes for the Last Hours shop but in the mean time you can get it ship it from the USA from AK press or pick up a copy from Active Distribution in the UK.

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So some of the Last Hours collective have been really busy of late, working on our first two book publications!

The first is Excessive Force, a comics anthology detailing the brutal nature of the police. Editor and author Edd Hey Monkey Riot has been blogging about some of the process over the last month. (see Hey Monkey Riot blog). We have also published an article which will be accompanying the book titled ‘Why we don’t need the police‘. You can pre-order Excessive Force in our online shop.

The second publication comes from long time Last Hours contributor Isy Morgenmuffel. Isy has been working on her zine Morgenmuffel for 10 years now and to celebrate we are releasing an anthology of some of her best comics titled ‘Diary of a Miscreant’. The anthology covers a decade of Isy’s life. Included are personal accounts of G8 mobilisations, climate camp and other protests as well as more personal stories of feminist health, living in a housing co-op and much more. All in comic form!

As a taster a page is published below. Keep an eye on the site for full release details.


Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | October 14th | 1 comment

Early arrests made at the repossess the banks demonstration in Bristol

Early arrests made at the repossess the banks demonstration in Bristol

Another arrest in Bristol at the 'Repossess the banks' demonstration

Another arrest in Bristol at the ‘Repossess the banks’ demonstration

Protestors outside RBS in Bristol

Protestors outside RBS in Bristol

Police have been deployed on horses in the city

Police have been deployed on horses in the city

These are some of the early photos from the Bristol Co-Mutiny demonstrations in Bristol today. As part of a week long series of events today saw a ‘repossess the banks‘ demonstration. At least five people have so far been arrested, and a number of banks received a redecoration. A full report will follow later today. Details of the Bristol Co-Mutiny can be found on Last Hours here, or on the Co-Mutiny website. Below are the twitter reports from as of 1:05pm.
Read more…

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So we have picked up a few new titles for the Last Hours shop. All the profits made from the shop go towards funding other Last Hours projects unless otherwise stated.

The Real Cost of Prisons Comix – A great comic anthology of prison stories from PM press

One out of every hundred adults in the U.S. is in prison. This book provides a crash course in what drives mass incarceration, the human and community costs, and how to stop the numbers from going even higher. This volume collects the three comic books published by the Real Cost of Prisons Project. The stories and statistical information in each comic book is thoroughly researched and documented. 

Anarchy in Action – Colin Ward celebrated text reprinted in 2008 by Freedom Press

This book is about the ways in which people organise themselves in any kind of human society, whether we care to categorise those societies as primitive, traditional, capitalist or communist…

Bonuscupped Zine #2 – One of the most entertaining perzines I have read in a while

Contains the following: An interview with Todd from Razorcake zine, free travelling in Ireland, normal travelling in India, The Socialist Adventures of Giggsy, Miserichords…and lots of other stuff!!!

The Land #7 – A great zine from the heart of Somerset focusing on land rights and other struggles

The Land is written by and for people who believe that the roots of justice, freedom, social security and democracy lie not so much in access to money, or to the ballot box, as in access to land and its resources.

This issue covers land rights, the anti-road movement, Somalian pirates and loads, loads more

Of corse as well as these we have all the usual titles from Active, Microcosm, Crimethinc, PM press and more. Go to the shop for more information

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