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Members of Last Hours will be taking part in a couple of zine events this May.

Two evenings of entertainment, information and zine readings with some of the UK’s most prolific zinesters (Rumlad, Last Hours, Hey Monkey Riot and Morgenmuffel). Tales of the London zine symposium, vegan mass catering, UK social centres, revoltion, punk rock, anarchy and more.

5th May 2010 @ Houseman’s Bookshop, King’s Cross, London -  7pm start

6th May @ Cowley Club London Rd. Brighton – 6pm start

Free entry (donations welcome)

Come say hi!

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | April 13th | 1 comment

We’re putting together a zinebook about the London Zine Symposium together for our fifth anniversary. We’re looking for stories about the symposium from our friends around the country. Write about a zine you made, workshop you went to, or just the people you hung out with. We’re looking for stories between 400 and 800 words. Or if you’d rather, you can contribute finished art, if you want to send illustrations or comics (2 or 4 pages of finished art). The final book is going to be A6, so make sure it’ll fit. Please send contributions to

The deadline’s really soon – April 2nd – but hopefully it’ll give you enough time! We’ll be launching it at Housmans books on Wednesday 5th May.

Edd | Blogs, Last Hours blog | March 24th | Comments off

Tensions rise once again in the streets of Greece’s major cities. Radicals and Anarchists join workers from around the country in voicing dissent. Airports, hospitals and other public services have shut down for the day as the Greek Government attempt to impose harsh new austerity measures.

Greek authorities have reacted with an iron fist. Another anarchist Lambros Foundas, lies dead after police fired upon a group in the suburb of Dafni, south Athens. Thousands of police tear gas and attack crowds of protesters. Police snatch squads roam the streets making violent arrests.

Maybe in contrast to this an interesting discussion point is the fact some police joined the strike, weakening the states power to some small extent.

But what does this all mean for the long term anti-authoritarian struggle within the country and for the international community? The backdrop of December 2008s riots,sparked by the police shooting of 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos give these fresh events a more revolutionary appearance. What could be framed as simply the acts of reformist trade unions now appears as serious social upheaval. In 2008 radicals, students and immigrants set a new precedent for social rupture in Europe, however there was a clear absence of the less marginal working classes. This time around it is already clear this is not the case. The insurrection has begun to leave the old left behind, taking on a more organic shape all of its own forged by the people taking part in it.

Last Hours attempts to examine the context and actions that shape these new days in the hope that we can all apply new theory and action to our own situations, in our own communities.

This list will grow in the coming days. Please check back for fresh content.

Contents list

Greek Workers General Strike  09-contents-list

Taking over the streets of Athens – Photos by Filkaler, Thursday 11th March 2010


Events map of the Athens protest – Thursday 11th March 2010


Photo report from Olympic airline protests in Athens – Wednesday 10th March 2010


The Greek uprising is truly going European! – Column by Occupied London, Wednesday 10th March 2010

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Everyone to the Streets – Book review

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The fake jump of the diver: Greece, eleven months on
A comic on Greece and beyond
Scotland Yard aid quelling of dissent in Greece
Greece in flames and a London blockade

External content

After the Greek Riots –
How to Organize an Insurrection –
Long battles erupt in Athens protest march -
Everyone to the Streets PDF download –

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Just to let you all know we have a load of new stock in the shop.

Titles include:

Flying Close to the Sun by Cathy Wilkerson
Flying Close to the Sun is the stunning memoir of a white middle-class girl from Connecticut who became a member of the Weather Underground, one of the most notorious groups of the 1960s.

13 Years of Good Luck
To celebrate their thirteenth anniversary, Microcosm put together this compilation of work from their authors and artists.

As The World Burns by Derrick Jensen
Two of America’s most talented activists team up to deliver a bold and hilarious satire of modern environmental policy in this fully illustrated graphic novel.

About Anarchism
About Anarchism, by Nicolas Walter, “This is a struggle which we may not win and which may never end but which is still worth fighting…” a pocket size book from Freedom Press.

Off The Map
A punk rock vision quest told in the tradition of the anarchist travel story, Off the Map is narrated by two young women as they discard their maps, fears, and anything resembling a plan, and set off on the winds of the world.

Anarchy in Action
An excellent accessible introduction for those new to anarchism. Ward gives a wide-ranging analysis, drawing on examples from housing, education, the workplace and the family to name but a few, to demonstrate that the roots of anarchist practice are not as alien or quixotic as they might at first seem, but lie precisely in the ways that people have always tended to organise themselves when left alone to do so.

plus a load more!

Shop link

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Alternative Press Fair 1st birthday flier
This Saturday, 13th February, marks the Alternative Press Fair’s first birthday, and they’re having another small press fair to celebrate. It’s a cool free event that celebrates all things self-published and DIY.
Read more…

Edd | Blogs, Last Hours blog | February 10th | Comments off


This years Brighton Zinefest is a huge four day event. We will be taking part on the Saturday, setting up shop at the Hanover Community Centre along with over 30 other zine distros.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

1.30-5.30pm, free entry/donations.

Hanover Community Centre, 33 Southover St, Brighton

Last Hours are gonna be there with a table and we’ll have a new selection of zines and books as well as some familiar titles covering everything from anarchist theory to DIY screen printing and radical comics.

For more information of the Brighton Zinefest visit

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | February 9th | Comments off

Last Hours presents:
“Excessive Force” – policing in Britain
Wednesday 24th February – 6.30pm to 8.30pm
At Housmans books, 5 Caledonian Road, near King’s Cross

We’re finally having a book launch for our comix anthology, ‘Excessive Force’, that explores the problems of modern policing. At the launch there’ll be talks about the anthology and a discussion about the state of policing in the UK today with speakers from LDMG (Legal Defence and Monitoring) and FITWatch.

It will be a fun evening and a chance to chat with people involved with the project, have a drink, and listen to some interesting talks about how people can respond to the police, and how art, and comics, can play a role in that.

More details about the Excessive Force anthology are at

Edd | Blogs, Last Hours blog | February 7th | Comments off

This year Last Hours has a table at the international comics festival in Angoulême, France. We’ll be taking our two new books – Diary of a miscreant and Excessive Force – to the BD Alternative area. If you happen to be going to Angoulême, drop round for some politically inspired comics at our table. Also on the table will be Gareth Brookes, Jimi Gherkin and Peter Lally of Alternative Press and other UK small-press shenanigans. It should be a lot of fun!

Edd | Blogs, Last Hours blog | January 25th | Comments off

Just a quick note to let you know the shop is now sending out orders again (and has been for a while, we just forgot to let you know!).

We are also working on getting new stock for both the online shop and our events distro. We will be at the the usual zine and small press events this Spring including the Brighton Zine Fest and the Alternative Press Fair.

Check back soon.

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | January 21st | Comments off

In January 2009 the Israeli government and army stepped up its repression of those inhabiting the Gaza strip. A brutal military campaign resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Palestinians.

Many protests took place around the world including in London where the first riots of 2009 where seen and a wave of university occupations.

On January 18th the Smash EDO campaign is holding a national protest in remembrance of those that where killed and to question EDO ITT’s (the Brighton based arms manufacturer) involvement in the bombings.

We want to smash the war machine not only in solidarity with the people of Gaza but also in the fight for our own freedom. We want arms factories and dealers out of our communities.

The protest is taking place at an yet-to-be-announced location in Brighton.

More information and to sign up to text and email notifications of the meeting point and other info visit

Fred Goodsell | Blogs, Last Hours blog | January 13th | 1 comment


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