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Yesterday we visited the Redwood National and State Parks. This area of California features 133,000 acres of some of the worlds tallest trees. It’s unique eco-system homes endangered species like the Bald Eagle and Chinook Salmon.

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Tonight’s event was hosted by Zapp. The venue (The Hugo House) contained a fairly extensive zine library which Zapp are allowed to keep without paying any rent! The talk was fairly well attended and Graham (the host) was an awesome guy who had spent some time in New Port so we chatted about Welsh punk bands like The Arteries.

Afterward we walked the streets looking for a bar. The first we passed was full of trendy hipsters with expensive haircuts and fancy looking drinks. We walked on… Time moved slow under the Seattle skyline and we were all exhausted after a days travel but the promise of a cold beer kept us going. A dank sports bar with an endless supply of free peanuts and cheap pinball seemed like a worthy place to rest our feet before we headed back to Graham’s place for the night.

The next morning we woke early and somehow managed to eat breakfast and squabble over what order things should be packed into the minivan and still leave only half an hour after our decided departure time.


We headed into the city centre to visit Leftbank Books, a worker owned, radical bookshop. The space is run by a collective of 20 people with seven paid staff. The shop floor extends over three floors with a huge selection of anarchist and radical literature. I picked up the new Peter Gelderloos book ‘Anarchy Work’ published by Ardent Press.

Finally we maded a stop at an vegan run button shop. The space was packed full of box after box of button backs waiting to be mailed out. Next stop Olympia.

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Today we went on a bike tour around the city and visited some of the community projects, co-ops and resources the city has to offer. The sun was shining as we cycled past Portland’s beautifully constructed wooden houses, painted an array of wonderful colours.

I found a copy of ‘Anarchy after Leftism’ by Bob Black in a second hand bookshop. The worn and battered cover looks great.


At the end of the day we went to a open mic zine reading at Portland’s Independent Publishing Resource Center, a community project running workshops in letterpress, screen printing , desktop publishing etc. They also have a zine library. I spent an hour exploring the pages of anarchist zines from the 90’s even discovering an old copy of Class War from 1995. I also found a interesting pamphlet by Voltairine de Cleyre titled ‘Anarchism + American Traditions’ that had a relevant quote about free speech “Make no laws whatever concerning speech and speech will be free”.


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We arrived jet-lagged and bleary eyed in Portland late last night. Tonight we’re talking at Reading Frenzy, a bookshop/gallery/event space devoted to supporting independent and alternative culture.


We spent the day visiting some of the city’s radical spaces including the Black Rose infoshop and Red and Black cafe. The Red and Black cafe recently came under attack from national media after asking a cop to leave under their safer space policy. The incident happened soon after the death of a local homeless man at hands of a Portland police officer. Local anarchists responded to the killing  accordingly.

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It has been a little quiet around here recently. It has been noted that one of anarchists largest failures is our inability to respond to changing social contexts like the recent change in government and the changing face of global capitalism or ‘recession’.

However we are working behind the scenes on some new projects we hope address these issues and continue our commitment to anti-authoritarian action.

At the end of August some of the collective are embarking on a tour of the US. Traveling from West to East participating in Anarchist and DIY events as well as sharing stories from the UK as we go. We hope this tour can deepen our own understandings of different forms of struggle taking place around the world as well as allowing us to participate in a growing anarchist network in the US. We will be blogging about the experience on this site.

Back in the UK we are working on re-building so that we can share information more effectively. We are creating new posters that will appear some time in the Autumn. We are working with friends on a book detailing the history of Squating in the UK in an attempt to put squatting back on the agenda for people who need or want free housing now. We are also working on ideas for several other projects that will become more clear in the coming months.

We are looking to take our radical book distro to more events across the UK. Please get in touch if you want us to come and table at your event. This autumn we will be tabling at the Bristol and London Anarchist Bookfairs, the Bristol Free Vegan Fair and hopefully Comiket, the Alternative Press fair and Handmade and Bound to name but a few.

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We have just had a restock of the shop. Included in this are some old titles and a few new ones as well. Publications from CrimethInc, AK press, Shift Magazine, Microcosm, Active and more.

Check it all out here

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Local anarchist groups and other campaign groups are organising to protest the next TV debate between the top three parties in Bristol tomorrow.

The demo will start at the Mercure Hotel, Redcliff Hill, Bristol, BS1 6SQ at 4pm and then move round the corner to the Arnolfini art gallery.

We will be receiving updates to our twitter account, so make sure you sign up today.

Update: Yesterdays twitter time-line, spelling mistakes removed.

19:13 Some EDL arrested in small fight. anti war protesters have boosted numbers to a couple of hundred at most.
18:06 People some how have organised themselves into at least two small groups at entrances to the venue. Its pretty quiet now.
17:50 About 50 anarcho types here it total, no one seems sure what is going on.
17:42 Everything is a bit chaotic. people milling road looking lost.
17:33 EDL now in ‘The River Grille’ (a pub)
17:31 Some members of EDL claimed to be British National Front.
17:29 EDL have moved off. FIT team is out. One protester heard saying ‘We are hear to confront the state, not some looser nazis’
17:25 stand off between EDL and anarchists in queen square. anarchists are holding off. Chant of antifa on the go.
16:53 Cops have just taken a box of fruit from a protester for no reason.
16:29 Fathers for justice have a boat out ar well. No anarchist presence at all as of yet.
16:19 Group of about 10 EDL in the Shakespeare Tavern (a pub) behind the Arnfini.
16:16 Animal rights boat in the harbor. people dressed as foxes playing ‘do you really want to hurt me. Amusing i guess.
16:04 Tory bus just went buy in Bristol city center.
16:00 Several cops outside Bristol squat in St Pauls. Maybe unrelated.

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As we head towards what is likely to be one of the most overly hyped general elections in recent history (voter confidence is down don’t you know!) we felt the need to express a different opinion. An opinion that we have had enough of this sham democracy (in fact some of us have little faith in democracy altogether), that not only do these politicians not represent us but that any system of government is incapable of representing us.

We have put together an (anti)election poster. We hope that whilst we have put this out in the lead up to the 2010 general elections it remains relevant until we have rid our lives of this ridiculous charade.

You can download the poster or order some from us for £1 per 10 posters or £5 solidarity price (the solidarity price will help us put out more of this sort of thing in the future). All orders from our shop will include a copy. Alternatively you can download a PDF of the poster and read the article here

We hope to see these posters up in workplaces, homes, social centres etc. in the coming weeks. Alternatively we feel confident that schemers and plotters around the country can come up with inventive ways to help distribute the poster.

Slip it in newspapers, hand it to your neighbors, leave it on a train for someone else to read, copy and paste the article for your sociology homework. Get the word out, we have had enough!

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