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Remember Gaza?

January 13th, 2010 · post by Fred Goodsell · 1 Comment

In January 2009 the Israeli government and army stepped up its repression of those inhabiting the Gaza strip. A brutal military campaign resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Palestinians.

Many protests took place around the world including in London where the first riots of 2009 where seen and a wave of university occupations.

On January 18th the Smash EDO campaign is holding a national protest in remembrance of those that where killed and to question EDO ITT’s (the Brighton based arms manufacturer) involvement in the bombings.

We want to smash the war machine not only in solidarity with the people of Gaza but also in the fight for our own freedom. We want arms factories and dealers out of our communities.

The protest is taking place at an yet-to-be-announced location in Brighton.

More information and to sign up to text and email notifications of the meeting point and other info visit

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  • Tom Fiction posted:
    Jan 15, 2010 at 4:21 pm. Comment #1

    The location for the Remember Gaza demo has now been released.

    The SmashEDO Remember Gaza Mass Demo will be meeting in front of the
    Wild Park Cafe at 1pm on Monday 18th January. Make sure you are
    wearing good shoes and warm clothing.

    How to get there…

    Google map reference:,-4.064941&sspn=12.530974,33.310547&ie=UTF8&hq=wild+park&hnear=Brighton,+UK&ll=50.856649,-0.111709&spn=0.013058,0.03253&t=h&z=15

    The Wild Park cafe is the building located in the open green area,
    past Home Farm Road and off Lewes Road.

    By Bus

    23, 25, 24, 28, 29(A+B) from St Peter’s Church bus stops.

    To get to St Peter’s Church from Brighton Train Station; turn left

    underpass in front of station onto Trafalgar Street. Walk to the end
    of Trafalgar

    Street. Turn left onto York Place, cross to traffic island for bus

    Remain on the bus past Brighton University’s Moulsecoomb campus. Get
    off the bus at

    the first stop after the viaduct, just past Home Farm Road. You will
    see the Wild

    Park Cafe on the left.

    By Train

    You can catch the train from Brighton Station to either Moulsecoomb
    or Falmer and

    walk along the Lewes Road.

    From Moulsecoomb Station:

    Walk down Queensdown School Road to Lewes Road, turn left. After
    about 500 metres

    walk under the railway viaduct, go past Home Farm Road on your left
    and you will see

    the Wild Park Cafe on the left.

    From Falmer Station:

    Walk under the underpass to the A27 and turn Left. Carry on on the
    Lewes Road and

    you will see Wild Park Cafe on your right.

    By Bike/On Foot

    From Brighton Station; walk through underpass in front of station
    onto Trafalgar

    Street. Walk to the end of Trafalgar Street. Turn left onto York
    Place, continue

    straight and then turn right past the taxi rank. Keeping ‘The Level’
    on your left,

    keep going straight onto Lewes Road. From here, follow the Lewes Road
    out of

    Brighton towards Falmer. Go under the railway viaduct, go past Home
    Farm Road on

    your left and you will see the Wild Park Cafe on the left. There are
    cycle lanes and

    pavements along the road from Brighton to Falmer.

    Accommodation and Transport

    If you are organising regional transport to Brighton – or looking for
    it – likewise if you can offer accommodation or are needing it for the
    demo, call 07805125965 or email

    If you are around on Sunday evening there will be a meeting for those
    going on the demo at 6pm in the back building of the Cowley Club,
    London Road, Brighton – food can be provided for £4 a head.

    After the Demo:

    There will be food provided at the Cowley Club after the demo at 6pm.

    There’s also a fundraiser for the Decommissioners

    at the Hare and Hounds (london Rd, opp Fire Station). Chicken Shed
    , Axis of Arseholes

    , Flatpig
    and Creative Hatred are playing

    Local contacts

    Get in touch with a local contact in your area to get hold of flyers,
    posters, find people from your area going to ‘Remember Gaza’ and find

    Cornwall –

    Hastings –

    Greater Manchester –

    Bath –

    Swansea –

    Cambridge –

    Bristol –

    Oxford –

    London –

    Sheffield –

    Leeds –

    Press Enquiries

    Call Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh on 07754135290 or email


    If you get nicked we recommend you use Kelly’s Solicitors tel.
    (01273) 674898

    When you get out, or if your mates have been nicked, call the Smash
    EDO Legal Support number on 07805125940.


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