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Reclaim the banks arrests

September 18th, 2009 · post by anon · Make a comment

Early arrests made at the repossess the banks demonstration in Bristol

Early arrests made at the repossess the banks demonstration in Bristol

Another arrest in Bristol at the 'Repossess the banks' demonstration

Another arrest in Bristol at the ‘Repossess the banks’ demonstration

Protestors outside RBS in Bristol

Protestors outside RBS in Bristol

Police have been deployed on horses in the city

Police have been deployed on horses in the city

These are some of the early photos from the Bristol Co-Mutiny demonstrations in Bristol today. As part of a week long series of events today saw a ‘repossess the banks‘ demonstration. At least five people have so far been arrested, and a number of banks received a redecoration. A full report will follow later today. Details of the Bristol Co-Mutiny can be found on Last Hours here, or on the Co-Mutiny website. Below are the twitter reports from as of 1:05pm.

Halifax has been paint bombed by the demonstration #reclaim_banks
4 minutes ago from web – An arrest made at #reclaim_banks demonstration
11 minutes ago from TwitPic

There are more arrests outside TSB #reclaim_banks
18 minutes ago from web

The demonstration is now at Lloyds TSB. Walls have been graffitied. #reclaim_banks
31 minutes ago from web

People shouting from windows ‘Where is our money?’ #reclaim_banks
35 minutes ago from web

Bristol police really don’t know how to deal with public order situations #reclaim_banks
40 minutes ago from web

Police are being heavy handed again outside RBS. RBS sign has been ‘pied’! #reclaim_banks42 minutes ago from web

Barclays bank has had paint bombs thrown at it. Horses have been deployed. #reclaim_banksabout 1 hour ago from web

4 or 5 people have been arrested at the Bristol reclaim the banks demo. Photos to follow.

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