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Portland day 2

August 29th, 2010 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

Today we went on a bike tour around the city and visited some of the community projects, co-ops and resources the city has to offer. The sun was shining as we cycled past Portland’s beautifully constructed wooden houses, painted an array of wonderful colours.

I found a copy of ‘Anarchy after Leftism’ by Bob Black in a second hand bookshop. The worn and battered cover looks great.


At the end of the day we went to a open mic zine reading at Portland’s Independent Publishing Resource Center, a community project running workshops in letterpress, screen printing , desktop publishing etc. They also have a zine library. I spent an hour exploring the pages of anarchist zines from the 90’s even discovering an old copy of Class War from 1995. I also found a interesting pamphlet by Voltairine de Cleyre titled ‘Anarchism + American Traditions’ that had a relevant quote about free speech “Make no laws whatever concerning speech and speech will be free”.


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