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Mayday! Mayday!

April 11th, 2011 · post by anon · Make a comment


Mayday, traditionally a day for workers’ self organisation and grassroots agitation, is being celebrated in Brighton with a street party and protest on Saturday the 30th April. Location and more details will be announced nearer the time. Meanwhile an excellent free zine has been produced with contributions about Mayday and resistance from a wide range of participating groups including Brighton Anarchist Black Cross, Southcoast Climate Camp, No Borders, Brighton Squatters Network, Queer Mutiny, students and more.

As their call out proclaims:

Our lives are under attack.
Our future is being sacrificed to increase the power of an elite.

The bankers’ crisis is being used as an excuse to push through a far-right agenda of vicious cuts – cuts which will hurt the poorest and line the pockets of the rich. The NHS, Education and Welfare systems are being stripped back while the bankers are being paid million pound bonuses.

Their only answer to the disaster is more of the same, capitalism with the gloves off. More wars, more ecological devastation and we’re being asked to pay for it.

We are being robbed blind – it’s time to reclaim what is ours.

More details and the free zine download can be found here:

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