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London benefit for Greek comrades

December 15th, 2009 · post by Edd · Make a comment

It’s short notice, but some Londoners are putting on a benefit event in solidarity for people recently arrested at the Resalto social centre in Greece.

The antiauthoritarian centre Resalto in Athens was raided by the police on the evening of December 5th, as part of the ‘preventive’ strategy of the Greek state to repress any form of social and political action, a year after the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos by the Greek police. In response, the Town Hall of Keratsini was occupied by comrades, and was later raided as well.

22 comrades where arrested during the brutal break-in of the Resalto centre and were charged under the anti-terrorist law. Another 42 people were later arrested in the Town Hall. The court imposed very strict bail conditions, which included very high amounts of bail-money. For the 22 people arrested from the Resalto social centre the bail money amounts to 51.000 euros.


The benefit will be a relaxed affair of Greek food, drinks, music, projections …and discussions

and is being held on:
Wednesday, 16th December from 6.30pm
The ‘Morgue’
122 Dalston Lane
London, E8

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