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Ian Tomlinson afterword

August 9th, 2010 · post by Edd · 3 Comments

I’m going on tour in the States during August/ September (, and am going to print up some copies of the ‘The G20, bad apples and Ian Tomlinson’ story as a stand alone zine (it first appeared in Excessive Force) because sending out Excessive Force was gonna be too expensive.

Anyhow, I decided to write an afterword to the story after Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosecutions, declared that there would be no charges brought against PC Simon Harwood in connection with the death of Ian Tomlinson. The whole thing looks like a complete stitch-up, and the comic runs through some of the inconsistencies. If you want to read more about it I think Keir Starmer’s speech when he announced there’d be no charges brought is the most insightful – it’s a fairly brazen argument about why the CPS won’t be recommending prosecution. The Guardian newspaper put it up in full here.

Click the images to see a version that’s easier to read.
ian tomlinson comic-afterword page 1
ian tomlinson comic-afterword page 2
ian tomlinson comic-afterword page 3
ian tomlinson comic-afterword page 4

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  • anarcho posted:
    Aug 11, 2010 at 3:21 pm. Comment #1

    It was more than just a small crowd? There were atleast between 150-200people, surprisingly for Friday as I was expecting no more than 50. As for the reason that it didn’t turn into a riot? Well London is not Greece, its not Grenoble and its not Oakland. There were few cops and if anyone thinks its a good idea to start a fight with so few people, so isolated then please be my guest.

    We can’t hope to do things different unless we are prepared to lay the groundwork for things to be different. There is obviously a link don’t you agree?

    Solidarity and all that.

  • edd posted:
    Aug 11, 2010 at 4:12 pm. Comment #2

    I dunno. I think 200’s a relatively small crowd. Don’t get me wrong I’m not criticising anyone who showed up/ organised the demo, and I’m also not being critical of the demo/ march itself; it was actually a pretty good demo all things considered. And as you say it’s all about laying the groundwork – and there’s some good groups trying to lay the groundwork – I guess that was what I was trying to say with, ‘perhaps this is just the start…’

  • jiff davis posted:
    Jun 22, 2011 at 7:16 pm. Comment #3

    The police across the world are being used as weapons of war by the global elite against the people and in the USA we have many recorded incidents of police killing civilians execution style as was the case with Oscar Grant.

    In the UK we have the case of Ian Tomlinson’s death who was murdered by a policeman for being in the wrong place at the wrong time but with the elite owning the justice system lock stock and barrel many of the perpetrators of these crime against “We the people” are allowed to walk away scotch free by the courts and that’s if the case makes it to court.

    Hollie Greig, who is a downs syndrome girl was systematically raped whilst under the protection of the British establishment charged with protecting a vulnerable child.

    Hollie’s mother Mrs Ann Greig would like to see some justice for member of the establishment, who through their positions were given access to this little girl and abused her as their own personal little sexual play toy. The reason Mrs Greig has never had the opportunity to have her day in court is because the accused paedophiles include British lawyers, police and a local High Sheriff.

    Various request under the freedom of information act (FOA) have been ignored and several people including her mother and Mr Robert Green have been silenced using gag orders including the BBC’s Panorama documentary channel in an effort to keep the story out of the public domain and the establishments have even gone so far as to make legal threats against Google.

    This fight to bring justice for Hollie has been raging for several years and despite millions of people knowing about the case, it still seems that the British justice system is unable to live up to its name Mr Cameron is hereby put on notice that ‘we the people’ demand this case should go to trial in open court where both sides may present their case.

    Time we took to the streets and took back our freedoms and the corrupt justice system because it is clear to a blind man that the game is rigged and the elite will stop at nothing because we are not worthy to be in there presents.


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