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Taking over the streets of Athens

March 11th, 2010 · post by filkaler · Make a comment

The police attacked the demonstration with gas and batons at the beginning of the demonstration on Patision Avenue

All photos by Fil
Greek Workers General Strike Filkaler 11-03-10 01
Men from the communist party

Greek Workers General Strike  07
The banner reads “Shut downs – sackings – privatisations; we respond with occupations”, and signed by ‘Worker’s Solidarity’

Greek Workers General Strike  05
A woman shouts at the cops after they baton charged  her

Greek Workers General Strike  12
A man shields his mouth from tear gas

Greek Workers General Strike  04
A police snatch squad make an arrest at the Propylea of the Athens University

Greek Workers General Strike  08
A protester near Stournari Street surrounded by tear gas

Greek Workers General Strike  09
Greek Workers General Strike  17
A car burnt out by anarchists. The ‘before’ photo can be seen here

Greek Workers General Strike  18
Police on the side streets waiting for the demonstration. The graffiti reads: “freedom for Alfredo Bonnano”, an Italian insurrectionary anarchist, born in 1937, arrested in Greece in October, 2009, accused of carrying out a bank robbery.

Greek Workers General Strike  19
Police gas and stun munitions

Greek Workers General Strike  21
An orthodox priest surveys a burnt-out barricade

Biggest general strike yet paralyses Greece

Tens of thousands of trade unionists and anti-capitalists demonstrated, bringing the centre of Athens to a standstill. The protest was perhaps twice the size of the one during the general strike of 24 February. Many locals compared it to the mass action in 2001 which defeated a government attempt to cut pensions.

Protesters chanted “Make the bosses pay” and “Where has all the money gone?”

Union leaders hailed today’s general strike as a complete success. Public services ground to a halt in all major cities from Alexandroupoli in the north to Sitia in the south. Public and private sector workers both joined the action.

“The prime minister has just returned from a tour of world leaders – including Nicolas Sarkozy in France, Angela Merkal in Germany and Barack Obama”

“They all congratulated him for his courageous neoliberal reforms which has seen outrageous attacks on peoples pensions, wages and job security. But now he has to face the anger of the Greek people and these strikes are just the beginning.”

Greek workers are stepping up their resistance to austerity measures being enforced by the European Union.

Riot police attempted to split the demonstration, but were met by fierce resistance. Skirmishes continued until the end when they were seen off from the area surrounding Athens Polytechnic.

The situation in Greece

This is part of the Situation in Greece series, with other updates, photos and maps of the general strike. More details at –

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