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February 7th, 2010 · post by Frankii · 4 Comments

We all enjoy a good gig. In fact, a memorable show can stay with us forever and influence our lives. Great bands have been born from great gigs. Whether it’s a huge festival, or an underground band at a local venue. Whether its your first gig as a teenager, or one of the biggest gigs you’ve played with your band. From old-school UK punk legends The Damned, to upcoming genre- defying heroes Sonic Boom Six, here are some awesome musicians’ stories of the best shows they’ve been to…

Feel free to share your greatest live music experiences in the comments section.

Chris, Mouthwash
The best gig I have ever been to was Nirvana at Reading festival 1992, it was such an amazing night, and there was so much hype about Nirvana, everyone was talking about them… the rumours were flying round that Kurt wasnt going to play etc… and then he just emerged on stage after a long delay, in a wheelchair and a big wig on and pretended to be really ill, and then passed out and everyone just went mental. It was fantastic.

Arturo, 999/The Lurkers
Well it wasn’t a punk gig.
It is a band from 1978-80 called Doll By Doll.
Jackie Leven the singer has had a solo career for 20 years now and records for the Cooking Vinyl label.
Reason why is the band were absolutly out there on their own, a really soulful outpouring of fucked up wierdness, sadness, menace and beauty all at once, with really strange dark lyrics and searing melodies.
They never made it big but I’m convinced that had they been around in the late 60s they would have been considered and acclaimed as one of the greatest bands in the world.

Brandon, Teenage Bottlerocket
I would have to say that the best show I’ve ever been to was Against Me! at the Aggie theatre in Ft Collins, Colorado January 08.  I walked into the Aggie and I was not surprised to notice the place was packed front to back.  At least 1000 people.  The Main Support band was on when I arrived and I was curious, so I made my way to the front.   The band was Git Some and they slayed!  I could not remember seeing a band that heavy and tight before.  The way the band would head bang so hard, while the lead singer would do this slow motion “swim” dance was amazing!  You could feel their energy throughout the place.  After Git Some, Against Me!  took the stage.  I have never seen a show go so crazy in my life.  There were stagedivers left and right.  There were people grabbing the mic to sing their favourite parts.  Tom and the band just smiled and let the whole show take its course, well, while playing harder than ever.  I was truely amazed, and completely blown away!

Mark, Down And Outs
ANDREW WK is by far the best artist I have seen live, in Manchester in 2005 I think.
The main man. Great music, great band, great attitude and an amazing, positive energy all around the room.

Sickboy, The Creepshow
My favourite show ever was when we played the psychobilly meeting in Calella, Spain in 2007! It was 3 nights packed with bands I had always wanted to see but never had the chance, seeing they never come to Canada, like Frenzy, The Meteors, King Kurt, Mad Sin, Mad Dog Cole and shitloads of others! Great party!

Christian, Bombshell Rocks

Best show! Hard to say, but this is one of my favourites.
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros on Hultsfredfestival in Sweden.
Why? We were too young when The Clash was around, and this is the one time I got to hear some of the best Clash songs live. Even though Joe was the only original member of The Clash on stage, he delivered the songs with passion and I got a memory for life.
banreysb6Barney Boom, Sonic Boom Six
I wish I could say the best ever gig I went to was a cool punk gig or some groovy aftershow but that wouldn’t be the truth. The best gig I ever went to was the first gig I ever went to, the Sunday of Reading 1994. I literally stood, with our drummer Neil, through the whole main stage line-up which included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Therapy?, Rollins Band, Senser, The Wildhearts, Helmet and The Jesus Lizard and I loved every single minute. For a couple of years before I’d been into alternative rock and hip-hop and I felt like I was ready to be part of what I’d been watching and reading about, ready to get into the pit like I’d seen on so many videos and just live it instead of watch it from a distance.. That day was like a second birth, pushing to the front of the crowd and staring up at Henry Rollins as he screamed at us all during ‘Liar’. Now I laugh at the intimacy I felt at such a distance back then, especially after having played that stage this year and feeling a million miles away. But back then, as a fresh-faced teenager, it couldn’t have felt more intimate if Henry Rollins was in my own room. Perish the thought…. And Helmet fucking rocked by the way.

MC Lars
Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid 1998.
The performance was awesome and the energy and fans were amazing.  It was hilarious getting covered with Detroit soda.

Captain Sensible, The Damned

Early 70s, Croydon Greyhound, the Pink Fairies (my favourite band) were as anarchic as they came…. and would have made a fine punk band if they’d have arrived on the scene 5 years later.
At one point during their manic performance one of the 2 drummers jumped off his kit and whacked the other in the mouth for fucking up one too many times and I realised there and then what fun it could be if bands were a bit less phoney onstage with all this ‘we love you people’ crap….. and this knowledge has stood me in good stead throughout my distinguished punk ‘career’.

Ace Facial, Dirty Filthy Mugs
The best gig I’ve ever been to was The Buzzcocks in Hollywood around in ‘97 or ‘98. I’d received free tickets anonymously from someone at Maximumrocknroll ‘zine after giving an interview with them raving about how much of an influence they were on me. Very cool surprise!
They played a perfect, energetic set that included ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Boredom’!! Pure Brilliance from start to finish!

Jhon, Mike T.V
One of the first proper punk rock gigs i went to was Frenzal Rhomb supporting Less Than Jake back in 2000/1 at Nottingham Rock City. Frenzal were my favourite band at the time, we got to go on a road trip and fuck about in a Travelodge for the night. It was pretty exciting for a stoner loser. Seeing your favourite band live for the first time when the room was pretty empty and no one really knew who they were was awesome.

Freddy Madball
Agnostic Front at CBGB’s. Obviously there is a connection with me/ Madball and AF. Still, I have to give them the props! They inspired not only MB, but the entire Hardcore movement. They set the standard for all of us..SOIA, MB, etc. No one can deny the energy, vibe and intensity of an AF show at CB’s,or anywhwere for the matter. I don’t care if this comes across’s the truth. I know a lot of people that would agree..and they are not related to Roger..haha.

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4 responses so far

  • edd posted:
    Feb 8, 2010 at 12:16 pm. Comment #1

    This is one of those impossible questions. I reckon the best gig I ever saw was when Five Knuckle played the Friday at the In Arms Reach festival in 2004. Partly because I helped organise it, partly because we were in an insane squat, 100 metres off Oxford Street, which makes the memory feel very punk rock, but mostly because it was the best gig I ever saw Five Knuckle play, and they’re still one of the best bands I’ve ever encountered!

  • Foxxe posted:
    Feb 8, 2010 at 3:13 pm. Comment #2

    Seeing Spunge for the first time in the Casbah in Sheffield.
    I was taught important lessons such as “encourage the support bands no matter how shit they are”, “small gigs are fun because you get to do things like grab the mic and sing Change of Scene” and “when the ceiling is six inches from his head Alex Copeland should not try and jump so high unless he wants to give himself an injury”.

  • chris 12-o-5 posted:
    Feb 8, 2010 at 10:15 pm. Comment #3

    Good choice, Edd.. That was a good gig.
    I can’t really pick a favourite, but the Householdname Christmas parties at the Underworld were always loads of fun, with bands like Big D, Antimaniax, Capdown, 5 Knuckle, Captain Everything. They all blur into one awesome night though, which feels like a bit of a cop-out.

    Lawrence Arms at the Verge?
    Alkaline Trio at the Barfly?
    The last Steal show?

    I feel like my head might explode with the possibilities…

  • edd posted:
    Feb 8, 2010 at 11:11 pm. Comment #4

    The verge had some epic gigs. I still kick my 18 year old self who decided to go see the Hope Conspiracy at the Underworld rather than go see Against Me! at the Verge. Idiot!! (Still, that Hope Conspiracy gig was damn good)