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Mayday 2009 in Brighton -Timeline

May 30th, 2009 · post by anon · Make a comment


On May 4th 2000 people turned up in Brighton to the Mayday protest against Capitalism and the arms trade organised by the Smash EDO campaign. Last Hours was out on the street sending updates to a live online time-line which can been seen below.

11:08 AM

People starting to converge at train station including people on bikes and foot for EDO demo.

11:13 AM

Some police and horses about. No sign of any FIT at the moment.

11:35 AM

Forward intelligence teams (fit) are here now.

11:50 AM

Critical mass has shut off the roundabout by Brighton pier.

11:51 AM

The meeting point for the shut EDO demo is Brighton pier.

12:28 AM

Fit watch are forcing the police away from the round about in large numbers.

12:51 AM

The demo’s moving up north street now. Chants of ‘who’s streets, our streets!

12:52 AM

Demo is being lead by police on horse back.

12:57 AM

Banner drop on north st. Police tried to grab ppl, but demo movd to keep them safe. Reads ‘bomb dealers out of Brighton’.


1:02 PM

Demo now heading to station frm the clock tower. Still chanting loudly w/ music playing.

1:05 PM

Someone’s just spraypaintd the army recruitment centre.

1:08 PM

Water just thrown @ fit team by north rd. ‘Fuck the police!’

1:12 PM

The demo’s now @ least 2000 strong….

1:15 PM

Demo now @ station heading north. Police not doing much to hold it bck @ the moment. Some ppl think they may try & pen every1 @ station tho.

1:17 PM

Cop overheard saying ’shall we put it all into one basket?’

1:19 PM

Demo heading fast dwnn trafalgar st frm station.

1:29 PM

March just turned left onto london road. ‘Smash! Smash edo!’

1:41 PM

Police hve blckd mcdonalds. Ppl throwuing cans. Poloce van attacked. Flare set off. Police split group in two.


1:41 PM

Police almost just started a riot for no good reason.

1:44 PM

Ppl running to the level


PM Just kicked off near Bromley road. Lots off police violence. Some bricks thrown.


2:07 PM

Going past London road station. Loads of fucking ppl.

2:11 PM

Protest heading up Preston road.

2:14 PM

Protest heading into preston park. Riot cops being deployed. Opp thales operations, anothr brighton arms company..

2:17 PM

Hundred or so police out side natwest rbs office on preston road.

2:18 PM

The police r ruining someone’s bbq.

2:19 PM

Police running after demo. Ppl singing darth vader theme tune.

2:23 PM

Ppl runnin out of park to escape cops. Ppl forming a line. Police sirens & rage against the machine are blaring.

2:31 PM

White paint just thrown @ cctv van.

2:45 PM

Person injured by cops. Now nicked!

2:52 PM

People moving bck to the centre. A bit split up, & every1 a bit tired.

3:00 PM

Protest is back on preston road.

3:02 PM

Reason for mcdonalds being attacked – they own 61,000 shares in itt/ edo


3:17 PM

Cop just tried to choke me, despite clearly showing press card cb168

3:35 PM

Break off group heading up ship street.

3:42 PM

Everyone’s dwn by the beach below west street.

3:45 PM

Looks like we’re all now kettled just west off the pier…

3:47 PM

So ppl are going dwn onto the beach & round…

3:50 PM

Ppl are runnin bck into town. Cops playing catch up,.

3:53 PM

Runnin up meeting house lane. A stupidly narrow little alley.

3:57 PM

Cop just punched man in face w/out provocation. Cb850

3:59 PM

Being pushed up london roadaway frm centre

4:09 PM

Everyone in the park – st georges place – 2 soundsystems here. One playing king prawn, the other bad techno.

4:22 PM

Police seem to be withdrawing. Everyone just chilled in the park or leaving in ones & twos.

4:30 PM

About 500 ppl hve caught the cops on the hop, & are running into town.

4:39 PM

Police seem to have no idea what to do. Some seem to hve flippdd kicking punching anyone & everyone

4:46 PM

Woman collapsed, crying in doorstop after police battoned her in the kidneys.

5:05 PM

Demo now @ roundabout by pier. Police just knocked a cyclist off her bike. Seemed to hve formed a full kettle this time.

5:07 PM

A man in a panda suit is taunting the cops on his bike.

5:28 PM

People just pushed the police line west from the pier. Police are smashing their batons into people’s stomachs & legs.

5:30 PM

There are 3 different police forces all of whom are doing something different. A woman has collapsed having a fit. An ambulance is coming.

5:38 PM

Cops have retreated & people are dancing on a cafe’s roof. Here’s hoping it doesn’t collapse!

5:54 PM

RBS is still bizarelly being guarded by the police.

7:16 PM

About 50 people left at brighton pier.

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