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Copenhagen mobile updates

December 18th, 2009 · post by anon · Make a comment

Photo by: Matthew McDermott
Over the last two weeks Last Hours has been making mobile updates from Copenhagen. We’ll be writing a full feature in the coming days, but for now, they give a flavour of some of what happened. More daily updates can be read on the Danish Indymedia website (

  • at 14:13 (16 Dec) Starting from Ragnhildgade at around 7. []

  • at 14:09 (16 Dec) Solidarity protest tonight for those being held by police. #cop15 #Copenhagen []

  • at 11:08 (16 Dec) Police are attacking people coming out of the bella center. #cop15 []

  • at 11:05 (16 Dec) Dogs have been deployed. []

  • at 11:04 (16 Dec) police appear to be using gas on the crowd. #cop15 []

  • at 10:54 (16 Dec) The police have declared the protest illegal. vans are moving in. []

  • at 10:41 (16 Dec) police are attacking the round system. []

  • at 10:40 (16 Dec) The police are rioting attacking people for no reason including press. #cop15 []

  • at 10:16 (16 Dec) Bike block is stopping police vans from moving into the road near the bella center. []

  • at 10:03 (16 Dec) the police in #Copenhagen seem to quite like the clown arm. at least some one does. []

  • at 09:48 (16 Dec) Worst slogan of the week. change your mind not the climate. []

  • at 09:20 (16 Dec) a coach full of arrested people just went by near the bella center. #cop15 []

  • at 17:18 (15 Dec) One of the #cop15 convergance spaces is being raided. #Copenhagen []

  • at 14:46 (15 Dec) It is snowing in #Copenhagen. x []

  • at 14:44 (15 Dec) Rumor is they are using texts as evidence against people in #Copenhagen. Clear your old texts people. #cop15 []

  • 6:24am (15 Dec) 12-14 people charged with a range of things from last nights street fights. Not bad considering 200+ arrests.

  • 6:18pm (14 Dec)200 Arrests in street fights in #Copenhagen. cars being burned.

  • 11:16am (14 Dec)less than 20 arrests today is the rumor. police kettled the protest but forced it to disperse.

  • 05:46am (14 Dec)Mass arrests on no borders demo.

  • 2:33am (14 Dec)today is the no borders protest. the idea is to march to the ministery of defence. rumors that it already had its windows smashed last night

  • 2:32pm (13 Dec)Tomorrows action is the no boarders march to the ministery of defence. The convergance space is busy again tonight.

  • 1:05pm (13 Dec)Pj and Gaby playing on the stereo at the convergance space. #Copenhagen

  • 11:03am (13 Dec)Large meeting for no borders demo taking place tonight.

  • 6:43am (13 Dec)Rumors of around 200 arrests today.

  • 5:13am (13 Dec)Hanging out in the convergance space. Eating some nice curry. Everything is chilled here. #Copenhagen

  • 5:10am (13 Dec)More arrests at todays Hit the production protests. police closed two large main roads.

  • 12:47am (13 Dec)Many of those arrested have now been released.

  • 12:46am (13 Dec)Todays actions are Hit the production and the Farmers demonstration.

  • 12:57pm (12 Dec)Swedish news is now saying 900 arrests.

  • 8:57am (12 Dec)Small scuffles around the city. Tear gas used. 400 arrests made.#Copenhagen

  • 4:14am (12 Dec)Thousands of people are gathering in a square ready for the protests. police carrying out heavy searches.

  • 3:25am (12 Dec)todays protests start at 1.

  • 12:51pm (11 Dec)Tomorrows demo includes the Never trust a cop and anticapitalist blocks. see the protest guide on site.

  • 12:49pm (11 Dec)Rumors of 60 arrests today. Mostly preemptive. Many now released. #Copenhagen

  • 12:46pm (11 Dec)3 hour meeting tonight talking about todays action and planning for tomorrow.

  • 12:45pm (11 Dec) 3 hour meeting tonight talking about todays action and planning for tomorrow. #Copenhagen Rumors of 60 arrests, mostly preemptive.

  • 9:35am (11 Dec)Some people preemptively arrested today released now and some still being held.

  • 8:12am (11 Dec)Everyone peeling veg at the convergance center ready for dinner. Other people milling around and relaxing.

  • 4:11am (11 Dec)A police helicopter circles the city. protest is being penned on a bridge in the center of the city.

  • 3:57am (11 Dec)About 500 on todays action. police searching everyone, moving round the city in small groups.

  • 1:10am (11 Dec) Cops hassling people in the streets walking to the days action.

  • 11:25pm (10 Dec)At the convergence space. Everyone who is awake is busy. Todays action is ‘Our climate! Not your business.

  • 5:10am (10 Dec) Ferry into Denmark. No problems from police so far. 5:10 AM Dec 10th from txt

    More can be read at

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