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Bristol Co-Mutiny 2009 photo report

October 29th, 2009 · post by anon · Make a comment

Last September I attended some of the events organised as part of Bristol Co-Mutiny. The week was packed full of protest, workshops, discussions and even the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair!

The week turned out to be a real success despite some controversy spun up by mainstream media and police over reacting as usual.

One of the most positive things about the week was an opportunity to set the agenda, outside the constraints of organising against this or in opposition to that but actually FOR something. There was no counter summit but instead a free space to express our love and rage on our own terms. Those that participated controlled the message and because of this achieved some great outreach. Whilst I’m sure those involved feel there are issues to iron out, likely with any form on complex organising, to the outside world the week presented its self as a positive community based project. This was highlighted in the squatted convergence space held for a week and used for workshops, feeding and housing people as well as all the other things you expect when people with a common goal of social change meet in one place.

I felt safe and respected in this space. It was truly inspiring to spend time there and for me it highlighted the necessity of opening anti-authoritarian spaces for community use.

I hope the collection of photos below gives some sort of impression about how the space was used.

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