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Last Hours issue 16

November 15th, 2007 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Last Hours issue 16 cover

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The new issue of Last Hours – issue 16 – is out September 28th 2007. 116 pages printed with a square spine, on uncoated paper (no more fingerprints) and with a full-colour cover

Jam packed with interviews, articles, comix, DIY guides, columns and reviews about punk rock, DIY culture, revolution and autonomy

The autumn beckons!

Issue 16 arrives after a non-summer of bizarre weather, murderous wars and idiotic politicians. But the past six months have also seen some amazing bands appear, ideas surface, events happens, and gigs go off. Issue 16 is here to document all that’s happened in the world of punk rock and anti-authoritarian politics in the past six months!

Home made punk rock … Bring the house down with home made DIY music: all from your sitting room

An article, with a series of interviews, about why people play house shows & parties, or let a series of random strangers into their home for a gig.
Including interviews with

  • Russ Substance,
  • Adam Homestead,
  • 3 Chord Craig,
  • PJ & Gaby,
  • James J Barrett
  • and Tommy Comstock.
  • Including artwork by Anke Weckmann

Clifford Harper
Anarchist illustrator discusses how he got involved in politics, starting creating art, and German expressionist woodcuts

Household Name Records – [preview]
One of the UK’s most important punk record label; Lil & Kafren, the label founders, talk about why they started the label, the incredible adventure they’ve travelled along and what the future holds. Including artwork by Steve Larder

Home education … Raising the next generation of free thinkers
A series of interviews with people who are involved in home education from children and teenagers through to their parents

The shorter ones … some of the other people who were talked to in issue 16

  • Hero Dishonest
  • Guerrilla Girls
  • Toronto Zine Library
  • Noxagt

Also featuring interviews with:Social Parasites, Rentokill, Suie Moffat and Andrew Culture (Beat Motel Zine).

Articles … Things to excersise your brain on

We’re not finished yet – the changing face of zines in the USA
The closure of Punk Planet, and the bankrupcy of the Independent Press Association makes it look like the zine community in the USA must be in crisis, not necessarily argues the article, which looks at what happened to Punk Planet and other publications that have closed down, the IPA and how others have reacted to it.

Social change AND lifestyle change … Climate Camp 2007
What was good and bad about 2007’s Climate Change and how people can move forward from it. Including photos, and chronology of what happened during the week.

The surprising success of the German anti-G8 mobilisation
What happened at the blockade the G8 during June 2007 in North-east Germany. Including artwork by William Exely.

Two, three, many apocalypses: Modern Ecologism and its prospects
Examing how the state is co-opting discontent and protest against Climate chaos to give government and state more power

Blair’s backlash: A critical introduction to possession of ‘extreme pornography’
An article briefly exploring the repurcussions of one of the Labour government’s many pieces of legislation.

Also featuring other articles on:

  • London Coalition against poverty
  • The Camberwell squatted social centre – Black Frog – can never die

DIY Guides … Learn how to do stuff yourself

  • Autumn foraging – collecting wild food during autumn (and recipes to cook them with!)
  • Stick and poke tatooing – the punx way of getting inked
  • Hide yer flash – knit your own digital camera case

Reviews … Opinions on records, zines, and books

10 pages of record reviews (incl. demos), 6 pages of zine reviews, and 4 pages of book & comic reviews, and 2 pages of misc reviews

Including a review of Panic Attack: Art in the punk years and artwork by Freya Harrisson, Chris Getliffe, Elias Martinez, Andrew Waugh and Rob Jones

Comics… Narrative artwork to make you laugh

Hey Monkey Riot – A typical summer day,

Pog – DIY unto Death (part 1)

Steve Larder – Adventures

and Jon Williams – Scene Sheep


  • From Isy Morgenmuffel,
  • Phil Chokeword,
  • Chris Lipgloss,
  • Chris 12-o-5,
  • Mikey D,
  • Itch (King Blues)
  • and Natalie

Featuring artwork from Matilda Huang

Art and grafitti stencils

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