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Last Hours issue 15

November 15th, 2007 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Last Hours issue 15The new issue of Last Hours – issue 15 – is out March 22nd 2006. 116 pages printed with a square spine, on nice paper (no more inky fingers) and with a full-colour cover

Jam packed with interviews, articles, comix and reviews about punk rock, DIY culture, revolution and autonomy


Issue 15 has suffered delays, false starts and all manner of hiccups to finally get itself printed. It’s well worth the wait though. We all had a chance to step back and assess exactly why we loved doing this zine, and what to do to make it better. We think we’ve produced the best issue yet!

Interviews … from the weird to the wonderful!

Mark Pilkington - [preview]
Discusses the culture that has grown up around crop circle creation and the various forms of etiquette to undertake if you plan to make them yourself.

Peter Kuper
The New York illustrator, and co-founder of World War 3 Illustrated discusses life in New York and making comics without words

My aunt: An antifascist [preview]
80 years after the start of the civil war Vince visited his great aunt in Spain to discuss the part she played in the seige of Madrid and the resistance to Franco’s fascism.

Alison Bechdel
The creator of Dykes to Watch out for took time to explain her recently published book Fun Home and the difficulties of working on a graphic novel

Cristy C Road
The creator of Green Zine and Indestructible talks about how she started writing zines, going on zine tours, surviving off
freelance work and what the future holds

The bands … some of the bands that we spoke to for issue 15

We talked to Jord, Propagandhi’s drummer, about the difficult fourth album, and what he’s been doing outside the band. Discussions about his garden, Haiti solidarity actions and indigenous struggle in Canada abound.

Strike Anywhere
Thomas, vocalist for Strike Anywhere, chatted about how the Manhattan Project – the project that developed the hydrogen bomb – affected his family history because of his grandfather’s involvement.

Adequate Seven
On their final tour Jamie (vocals) and Tom (trombone) discussed why the band was calling it a day, and the highs and lows of being a touring UK band.

Seein’ Red
The incendiary Dutch hardcore band were interviewed by Pavel from Prague about how the punk community has changed in the past twenty years, communism and how now more than ever we need a culture of resistance.

Defiance Ohio - [preview]
Chatting about being pigeon holed as a ‘folk-punk’ band, the pleasures of touring, sharing music with their friends & fans, and the Pages to Prisoners project.

Dauntless Elite
On life as a band from Leeds, working on too many projects and the dangers of being labelled ‘political’.

One of the best hardcore bands at the moment, chatting about Liverpool and playing shows.

Also featuring interviews with: Failsafe, Notes of Resistance from Occupied London journal and Kate Collins (let’s just pretend zine) and a comic on why there isn’t an interview with Charles Burns, creator of Black Hole (Edd was too shy!).

Articles … Things to excersise your brain on

The Humble Compilation: How the anarcho-punk compilation defined the punk scene[preview]
A 6 page article extolling the virtues of the humble compilation as a versatile and cheap way to spread music and messages across the globe. Danny looks not only at how the anarcho-punk compilation has defined the punk scene but also the influence on the wider anti-capitalist movement.

Destroy all detention centres: A comic against borders
A four page comic documenting the No Borders demonstration at Harmondsworth detention centre against deportations and in solidarity with those locked inside.

Victory to Motala Heights: a photo essay
A photo essay about the informal settlement of Motala Heights in Durban, South Africa, who are fighting the municipality’s forced relocation scheme.

The story of a blockade
An account of trying to shut down Israeli-import company Carmel Agrexco.

A Spanner in the Corpse Machine
An account of a picket outside Chelsea soldier – three days of army recruitment.

Also featuring other articles on:

  • The attempt to Sack Parliament when they returned from recess,
  • community energy (an update),
  • and the occupation of a carbon neutral company

DIY Guides … Learn how to do stuff yourself

  • Emboidery – making a zinster-skull patch
  • Making comix without drawing – an introduction to OuBaPo

Reviews … Opinions on records, zines, and books

10 pages of record reviews (incl. demos), 6 pages of zine reviews, and 4 pages of book & comic reviews, and 2 pages of film reviews

Other stuff … What’s filling the other 116 pages

Comics – two pages from Paul Stapleton, and two pages from Edd

From Isy Morgenmuffel, Phil Chokeword, Chris Lipgloss, Chris 12-o-5, Mikey D, Itch (King Blues) and Natalie

Art and grafitti stencils

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