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Last Hours issue 14

November 15th, 2007 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Last Hours issue 14

The new issue of Last Hours – issue 14 – is out September 21st 2006. 116 pages printed with a square spine, on nice paper (no more inky fingers) and with a full-colour cover.

The summer’s over, autumn’s here.

What better time than head back inside with something good to read, and learn about all the awesome stuff that the punk, DIY and anarchist communities have been up to in the past few months!

We can’t get enough acoustic punk… the theme of issue 14

An oxymoron? Perhaps. After all many think punk is about playing three chords as loudly as possible with sharp lyrics being screamed on top. Still, there’s always been an undercurrent of acoustic music in the punk scene with most punk bands dabbling with the unplugged sound at one time or another. This issue three of the bands rocking out with the plug firmly out of the wall chatted about their thoughts.

Interviews … the acoustic punk bands!

Ghost Mice
Ghost Mice – Chris, Hannah and Pascal – talk about wanting to travel light, how they went about organising the Plan-It-X fests (and some of the problems they encountered), their adventues in Europe and more besides

King Blues
One of the most amazing UK punk bands at the moment King Blues talk about revolution, music, breaking world records, and London town!

Russ Substance
Talking to Phil Chokeword (from Pilger) about putting “Garden-core” the idea of inviting your friends to your garden to play music, talk, eat and have fun.

Other interviews … the other people that we chatted to for issue 14

David Graeber
The radical anthropologist discusses how his problems with Yale can be seen as a classic example of the evils of hierachy, how his anthropological studies took him to the frontlines in New York City and some thoughts about his upcoming books.

Anti-CPE teenagers
Vince Red, whilst travelling around France had the oppurtunity, to talk to two French teenage girls in Reimes about why they went on strike, protests and blockades in protest against the French employment law – CPE.

Comic artist interviews

Nate Powell – Soophie Nun Squad
Nate Powell – author of Tiny Giants and other great comics talks about how X-Men changed his life, singing in a punk band, his home state of Arkansaw, and how he’s had the oppurtunity to use his art to work with people with learning difficulties.

Jon Williams
Jon Williams – or Jonny Red as some Last Hours regulars might know him as – talks about his comic debut Tales from the Sidewalk, his ceramics work, and his summer adventures. He’s also drawn a comic of his face-painting story.

Other bands … the other people that we chatted to for issue 14

The Steal
Taking hardcore and stripping it back to the bare elements The Steal chat about how they came together, and the adventures they’ve had in their first year of being a band.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Joey Cape, from Lagwagon and the “all-star” punk band Me First…, talks about how he wishes Barry Manilow would get in touch, and future covers the San Francisco band are planning.

Captain Everything
The best pop-punk band in the world get cornered by Last Hours for an interrogation about what they’ve been doing over the past three years since we last did an interview with them.

I Object
I Object talk about their first European tour, their community back home in New York state and how important DIY is to them.

Lake Me
An all-female two piece on the weirdness of touring, and how they came to have the ideas they do.

Also featuring interviews with:

  • Pretty Girls Make Graves,
  • Attak!Vipers!,
  • The Mentalists,
  • and AMP (ArtMusicPolitics)

Articles … Things to excersise your brain on

Left of the Dial: The zines of the 1990s
A massive 12 page article written by Marv from Gadgie zine, taking you through the twists and tales of the 1990s, UK, zine community. Essential reading, and certainly one of the most interesting reads you’ll find on zines this year!

Six months more of self activity: The Square social centre
A romantic recount of our adventures, and successes at the Square Social centre nestled in Russell Square in the heart of London.

Well that was weird: a Climate Camp report back
A critical piece on the recent Climate Camp (August 28th to September 4th) held near Drax power station in Yorkshire

Community Power: Decentralised Power!
Conspiracy Tom once again leads us down the road of renewables showing how easy it is to establish a decentralised energy network around the country.

Art not Oil exhibition
A photo-essay on the Art not Oil exhibition that has been touring the UK over the past six months.

A State of Emergency
A look at the re-awakening of direct action movement against war that happened over the summer of 2006.

Also featuring other articles on:

  • CIRCA clowns at the Foreign Office blockade,
  • deaths in immigration detention centres since 2003,
  • and ‘Get your wings back’ a new campaign to help people who self-harm

DIY guides

  • Making a skull purse
  • Creating insurrection and …
  • How to pee standing up
  • Reviews section

    • 12 pages of record reviews (incl. demos),
    • 4 pages of zine reviews,
    • and 4 pages of book & comic reviews.
    • Wasted fest review


    • Isy Morgenmuffel,
    • Phil Chokeword,
    • Chris Lipgloss,
    • Chris 12-o-5,
    • Mikey D,
    • Positive Bastard (of Waterintobeer zine),
    • Itch (King Blues)
    • and Natalie

    Art and grafitti stencils

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