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Last Hours issue 13

November 15th, 2007 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Last Hours issue 13
The new issue of Last Hours – issue 13 – is out May 17th 2006 and will be printed with a square spine and nice paper (no more inky fingers)

Spring’s coming, time to start plotting summer adventures and revolutions; Last Hours is here to help the plotting!

Comics, comics everywhere … the theme of issue 13

Punk rock music, resistance and comics have a long and illustrious history. Last Hours issue 13 takes a dive into the comic book world and how it relates to DIY culture in 2006. Be prepared for articles on internet comics, a history of comics and punk music, and what some of our favourite comics are.

Interviews … People that we chatted to for issue 13

Tank Girl
Alan Martin talks about his creation and convincing Hollywood executives to import water buffalo in this amazing eight page comic illustrated by Jonny Red.

Seth Tobocman and Nicole Schulman
Discuss World War 3 illustrated, New York’s anarchist and activist scene post-9/11 and their hopes of how comics can make people think a little bit more.

Jeffrey Brown
The author of Clumsy, Unlikely, Any Easy Intimacy and a bunch of other mini-comics and collaborations discusses love, life and his home town Chicago.

AVOW zine
Keith Rosson discusses his illustrations and the tenth year anniversary of AVOW.

The insurrectionary illustrator talks about his comics and the age old question of whether its more damaging to mock or damn.

Making Stuff and Doing Things
Kyle Bravo of Hot Iron Press talks about the DIY scene surviving Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath in New Orleans.

Pogo Cafe
Radical vegan cafe dishes up the dirt on what its like to try and take punk ideals into the real world.

This Bike is a Pipebomb
These guys rip into ‘punk’, and how with the proliferation of Warped Tour stealing our language etc. we need to find a new definition of what we’re all doing

Also featuring interviews with:

  • Born Dead,
  • Gogol Bordello,
  • Al Burian (of Milemarker),
  • Isy Morgenmuffel,
  • Restarts,
  • Typocrat,
  • Moenster,
  • Navajo Code
  • and the Planet Smashers

Articles … Things to excersise your brain on

Punk Rock Census results
Collating the recent census that we’ve run through and Last Hours #12. The state of the ‘core 2006.

France in revolt
A eye-witness account of the recent CPE protests in France, and how they tie into a wider fight against capitalism and neo-liberalism.

No Borders, No Nations
A report on the No Borders network and the unnecessary suffering that states and borders place on people trying to escape persecution; including photos and report back on the recent Harmondsworth demonstration.

Daniel McGowan and The Green Scare
Daniel is facing life imprisonment after being accused by the US state of “eco-terrorism”, an article into his specific circumstances and a look at the wider criminalization of the ecological movement in the USA

Matilda’s social centre
A how to on creating your own DIY, non-hierachical, punk as fuck gig space

Also featuring other articles on:

G8 2006 in St Petersburg, resistance in Dublin, an eye-witness report on Balata’s re-invasion by the Israeli state and a brief look at the Smash EDO campaign after its injunction victory.

DIY Guides … Learn how to do stuff yourself

  • Making your own clothes
  • Creating insurrection and …
  • craft stuff

Reviews … Opinions on records, zines, and books

12 pages of record reviews (incl. demos), 4 pages of zine reviews, and 4 pages of book & comic reviews.


  • From Isy Morgenmuffel,
  • Phil Chokeword,
  • Chris Lipgloss,
  • Chris 12-o-5,
  • Mikey D,
  • Positive Bastard (of Waterintobeer),
  • Itch (King Blues)
  • and Natalie

Short story
Art and grafitti stencils

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