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Last Hours issue 12

November 15th, 2007 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Last Hours issue 12

Last Hours – issue 12 – is out in the shops right now, and has been since January 25th 2006

It may be gloomy outside this time of year. So find a warm space, and get comfortable, because all your reading material needs are met with issue 12 of Last Hours.

Interviews … People that we chatted to for issue 12

  • Zegota
  • The Gossip
  • The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower
  • The Levellers
  • GLW/DRK magazine
  • Sonic Boom Six
  • The Plague Mass
  • Behind Enemy Line
  • Easpa Measa
  • Shell to Sea activists
  • Euripides from SINALTRAINAL (South American trade union)

Short interviews

  • Adequate Seven
  • Captive Audio
  • Rainer Maria
  • Adequate Seven
  • Random Heroes
  • Sean McGhee – creator of an Anarcho punk series

Articles … Things to excersise your brain on

  • Burn or Freeze? – Humans impending ecological suicide
  • Action Medics – surviving arrest at 2005’s G8
  • Dambusters! – resisting the Icelandic dams
  • Killer Coke – a case study in capital and resistance
  • Balata Refugee Camp (West Bank Palestine) – Summer 2005
  • Lets get Critical – London Critical Mass responds to police threats
  • A train in vain? – A critical analysis of anarchist organisation in California

DIY Guides … Learn how to do stuff yourself

  • Edible wild plants primer
  • Making oak leaf wine
  • How to make a draft excluder

Reviews … Opinions on records, zines, and books

  • 12 pages of record reviews (incl. demos),
  • 4 pages of zine reviews,
  • and 4 pages of book
  • & comic reviews.


  • From Isy Morgenmuffel,
  • Phil Chokeword, Chris Lipgloss,
  • Chris 12-o-5,
  • Mikey D,
  • Positive Bastard (of Waterintobeer),
  • Itch (King Blues)
  • and Natalie

Short story

Art and grafitti stencils

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