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Last Hours issue 10

November 15th, 2007 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Last Hours issue 10

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Interviews … People that were chatted to this issue

Sleater Kinney
Discuss growing older within a band, and what that means for the music they make

The Dwarves
Discussing killing a band, bringing it back together, and being way more hardcore than you or I are.
A preview of the interview is located here.

The Spectacle
Talk about their US tour, being a band in Northern Norway, and how their politics influences their music (8 pages long!)
A preview of the interview is located here

Got lumbered with talking about punkvoter again. Oh yeah, and their new record too.

Waterintobeer & Gadgie fanzines
Two fanzine editors go face to face with questions about life, love and the universe. Must read.

Abandon Ship
The ever awesome Brighton hardcore band about their home town, and what hardcore means to them.

An interview with one of the AdBuster crew about their new shoes that will wipe the smile off Phil Knight’s Nike face!

Other interviewees

  • Black Cougar Shock Unit,
  • Los Fastidios,
  • Rentokill,
  • Liars Academy,
  • Burning the Prospect,
  • One Reason,
  • Smoke Or Fire
  • and Fireapple Red.

Articles … Things to excersise your brain on

An Ethical Blank Cheque
Prof. Richard Drayton (Cambridge) explains how WW2 mythology legitimises Anglo-American warmaking

Prison is a crime
An article discussing why prisons need to be abolished, and why those inside need our solidarity.

Quit Your Job Get a Life
Does exactly what it says on the label.

Other articles
Report back on London Mayday 2005, report on the London Zine Symposium, article on the London Insitute For Autonomy, an article about DSEi (Defence System Equipment international).

DIY Guides … Learn how to do stuff yourself

Craft Corner
Issue 10 takes you through the basic stages of learning how to knit.

Affinity Groups
Article by the CrimethInc urban pirates on how to organise, and resist effectively with your friends and comrades.

An assortment of vegan treats to create.

Reviews … Opinions on records, zines, and books

  • 12 pages of record reviews (incl. demos),
  • 4 pages of zine reviews,
  • and 4 pages of book & comic reviews.


  • From Isy Morgenmuffel,
  • Phil Chokeword,
  • Chris Lipgloss,
  • Chris 12-o-5,
  • Mikey D,
  • Positive Bastard,
  • Edd
  • and Natalie
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