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Notice! This is an archive version of Last Hours. It is no longer maintained or updated. Emails, addresses etc. may not be up to date.


General FAQs

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    General FAQs

    What is Last Hours?

    Last Hours is a resource focusing on ‘creative resistance’. This can be many things including zine writing and DIY culture, anti-capitalist music and squat parties, or protest and revolutionary activity and probably much much more.

    Didn’t you used to be called Rancid News?

    Yes, we did. We did nine issues of the zine as Rancid News but for issue ten decided to change the name to Last Hours. We decided to do this for lots of different reasons one of them being that we simply got fed up of the old name and wanted to change it to something better.

    How do I get in contact with you guys?

    Check out the contact page in the about section of the site

    I’m in a band/write a zine – can I send you my stuff to review?

    Yes please, we love getting things to review. Contact tommysimpson17(at) for information on where to send items for review.

    Site FAQs

    If I leave a comment is it possible to find out it was me that left it?

    Yes! Unfortunately Wordpress – the content management system we use – stores IP addresses of all posters. We are working on having a system whereby IP addresses are not stored. Ultimately it means that there is an electronic trial linking you to that comment. This is the case on almost every website you visit. For information about using the internet anonymously you could visit:

    I’ve seen some people have pictures next to their comments! I want one?

    That’s cool, we want to build a community to debate the content covered by Last Hours. The image next to your comments is called an avatar. It is a good way to create an online identity (not to be confused with your actual identity). All you have to do is sigh up at Every time you enter your email address into comments on Last Hours it will display your avatar!

    Shop FAQs

    A note about DIY, Anarchists and Customer Service

    The shop on is not run to make profit. The very little we make on each title is used to fund other Last Hours projects. The shop is run by a single volunteer, please understand we are not able to run it like a 9-5 business. That said we want to provide a quality service. If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact us just remember you are dealing with people who do this for love not for profit.

    I’ve seen something I want to buy! How do I pay for it?

    At the moment the best way to pay is to use paypal. Though we recognise internet ’shopping’ can be inaccessible for some people which is why you can see the Last Hours stall at bookfairs and small press events. Check the news section on the site to see where we will be next and come say hi! Alternatively we can sort out payment by post. Email us for more information.

    I have ordered something but it hasn’t turned up?

    Usually you should expect to wait two weeks at the most for your order though sometimes something happens and you may have to wait a little longer. We usually wait to get a few orders before making a trip to the post office. However if need something urgently get in touch and we will do our best to get it sent out as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us at any time to find out the status of your order. It is possible something has gone wrong, we have overlooked your order or it may have got lost in the post so get in touch.

    If for any reason we are not able to send out orders straight away you can keep up to date on why your order may be late by subscribing to our twitter feed at In the event one of us is in a jail cell somewhere, away traveling or is snowed under with a project we will endeavor to post so here.

    I have received my order but something is missing or broken?

    Well that is an annoyance! It is possible we may have sent your order in two packages and the other has not been delivered yet. In the event of something being broken get in touch.

    Do you do wholesale prices or I would like to bulk order or distro your stuff?

    If you would like to stock one of our publications that’s great! Send us an email and we will sort you out. Unfortunately at this time we do not carry enough stock of anything we do not publish ourselves to be able to sell it to you at wholesale prices. The best thing you can do is get in contact with Jon at Active Distribution. He sorts us out with alot of the books in our shop and he is most helpful.

    Who do I contact about shop related issues?

    Email lasthourssw(at) for all enquirers about the shop.

    Contributing FAQs

    I write/ draw/ take photos/ film/ do interviews/ etc – will you print some of my work as I’d like to contribute to the zine.

    That sounds really cool, we’re always grateful if people want to help out with the zine. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor or have a one of piece of work you would like us to use email lasthourssw(at)

    Do you have any guidelines on what you do/ don’t publish?

    Get in touch for editorial guidelines.

    Hey you should really interview band x, distro y, or individual z?

    No, YOU should interview them. This is DIY! If you really like a band then do an interview with them. It’ll a. mean that you’ll be able to read a cool interview with them (because they’ll be answering all the questions that you want to know), and b. mean that others get to read a cool interview too.