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About Last Hours

Last Hours is an online and occasional print zine for the anti-authoritarian, DIY and punk communities. It offers news, analysis, interviews and articles about radical culture, be it music, protests, events, books, zines or comix.

The site is created by people involved with, and part of, the DIY, punk and anti-authoritarian communities. We aim to create engaging, fair, and exciting pieces using a range of media, including photography and film. We are not, though, an impartial news source. We are on the side of the oppressed against the oppressor, on the side of the proletariat, precariat and punk. We have firm and fiercely held desires to be part of a revolutionary culture that can support other revolutionary movements.

It is a non-commercial, non-profit resource.


The following disclaimer refers to and all it’s subsequent pages. The information contained on is for use in general interest matters and for only. The site will not publish any information which could be considered libellous or might break the law in its publication such as information which incites others to commit crimes.

The information on this website is for the purpose of legal activities and information only. It should not be used to commit any criminal acts or harassment. Last Hours as a collective does not encourage any illegal activities.

In any instance where illegal action may be referred to it is for independent media and news prepossess only and should not be considered as advocacy of such acts.

Last Hours and it’s contributors does not take any responsibility for information published by links external to the domain.